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Lilo Fails a Drug Test

Lindsay Lohan tweeted that she failed a drug test.  Can she overcome her addictions?  Or will she keep getting in trouble with drugs and the law?

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I had hope for her, but if she's stupid enough ti fail her first drug test after getting out of jail, she deserves to go back and she's too stupid to be allowed in public without a keeper.

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then that makes me a burning truck filled with TNT hurtling through a rocket fuel depot.

There is so much hope for Lilo. Jesus Christ can help and for how, please read "What must I do" from www.preachthegospel2all.com/blog.

She's checked herself info in-patient rehab, again. I wonder how long she will last in there.

Not only do I fall down stairs, I trip up them as well. Now that takes talent!

Hi Gossip Gal,

You asked, "Can she overcome her addictions"?  My answer to that is "yes". The interesting part will be to see how she does it. It comes down to three ways. The easiest way would be on her own sense of strength, surrounded by close friends and family giving her emotional support while she's in an Outpatient Treatment Program for substance abuse. She'll have to tell all her partying friends to bug off because she's retiring from "life in the fast lane". Although, I don't think she has any close friends at all; just people she parties with. That might present itself as a problem, but again, that's all up to her to find new friends who live a less destructive lifestyle.

Ok, the second way would be for her to find a good Inpatient Treatment Program. Those programs typically are 21 day to 90 day depending on how much money (or insurance) a patient has. But there again would be that problem of running into all those "good" friends she use to party with, that ran away from her like rodents when she got busted. Hmmm..

Now here's a sure fire way to straighten up and its been proven by many other high profile celebrities in similar predicaments. For example David Crosby of Crosby, Stills, & Nash, has been a big advocate of this particular drug treatment program. To this day he still advocates for this program and says it saved his life. However, he doesn't recommend other people try this program. Odd because that program made him a new man when he completed it, and he has been drug free to this very day. And the name of the program he went to....? PRISON!!! 365 days behind bars, in a place where no man dare drop their soap while showering, or snore loudly when sleeping. Think a women's prison would be different? Think again....

Irregardless I would gladly give her sanctuary from that storm, and stay with her thru the thick of it. Seriously. But more importantly, I'd be there afterward. Getting clean is easy, staying clean is the hard part. I wish her well...

- Renegade -

Knowing Others is Intelligence, Knowing Yourself is Wisdom

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