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How do I convert a plug in lamp to make it a battery operated lamp?

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you would just need to change the bulbs(s) to the proper voltage,if you plan on using 12 volts, most auto parts stores make 12v bulbs that will screw into a standard lamp socket (they are made for campers and 12v vork lights) but you should remove the plug from the lamp and change it to some type of plug that cant be used in your house so the lamp doesn't get pluged into 110v

I want to remove the wire and plug from the lamp and make it just battery operated.  This is my question to you.  Please help me if you can.

Thank you

where in the lamp will you be able to install the battery. and do you want to make it so it can be recharged or do you plan on replacing the batterys after every few hours of use. may i ask why you want to do this

I am not sure how large the bottom of the lamp is, I'm doing this as a favor for her.  The reason is because the dining room doesn't have a ceiling light or any light in it. The way she lights the room is by putting a lamp on the table but she has to put the cord through a leaf in the table but it doesn't fit so it looks bad having the cord running across the top of the table.  Having a battery operated lamp would eliminate the cord problem.

Your plug-in lamp probably operates on 110v ac. A battery of 110 d.c. will operate your lamp. But, that is a sizeable battery. (Recharging it is another issue.)

If you want to use a smaller battery, you will get less light. But, replace the socket with one of the power level you would find acceptable. Wire the socket to a battery of the proper voltage.

When selecting a battery, two ratings are important. First, the battery voltage must be compatible the light bulb rated voltage. Second, the amp-hours is a measure of how long the lamp will stay illuminated. The higher the amp-hours, the longer the lamp will stay on

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