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How can I get my recently deceased husband to reach me?

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No, your dead husband cannot reached to you, but you can reach  him through offering prayers through Holy Mass. Your husband, can hear from your prayer... but never your husband will reach to you. I really know, you are afraid of a ghost.

Thank you, Ric.  I am a recent convert to Catholocisim (2005) so I appreciate your message.  No, I am NOT afraid of a ghost, at least, not his ghost.  I yearn to be able to touch his spirit, but you are probably right, that is not meant to be.  It is sad to be but the longer time passes, I seem to be losing faith.  It really bothers me.

Dear Aznonni

It's clearly been awhile since you posed this question, but in my experience our desire to have a continued relationship with the deceased only grows with time.

The deceased are always available to communicate with us, the trick is in aligning our energies with the energies of the afterlife. This means increasing our vibration so we can hear the voice of our loved ones.

Meditation is a wonderful means of doing this. I use specific meditations for the purpose of receiving messages from the other side. This involves picturing my loved one as I remember him and feeling the love we have for each other. This combined loving energy, in tandem with our desire for contact and our belief that it is possible helps to create the contact. The deceased communicate with us telepathically by sending us thoughts. With practice you can learn to distinguish your loved one's thoughts from your own. It's important here to utilize your imagination and turn off your inner skeptic. Our imagination is the doorway through which access to the afterlife (and all other manifestations we're attempting to create) can occur.

If you have trouble with the idea of telepathic communication, try asking your husband for a sign. You can make it something specific that you ask him to cause to appear in your environment, or you can just stay alert to anything manifesting that has a direct link to your husband. My brother died on Remembrance Day and he sends me plastic lapel poppies on a regular basis....very comforting!!!

The key here is to 'ask' and then to 'trust' that you will receive your sign.

Good luck with this....the first step in receiving this guidance is opening to the belief that it is actually possible!





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