To all who hate me Miley Cyrus. Why do ya'll hate me? What did I ever do to ya'll? Please Answer so I can stop thinking about it.

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Hi Miley,

Why do you think someone hates you ? - I read your personal details and you seem 2B a nice smart young lady....  guess you love to dance and laugh..... likes sport and to have good fun with friends.....  nothing to hate..... on the contrary, there is much to love !.  So, cheer up, start laughing, ignor all those who try to give you hard time.... Find those who might be good friends to you.  ..... and take me into acount....
Best regards,
Love is the battery of life....

Hi,Miley! I don't hate you,either! I don't know what would make you think I do,but I don't! O.K.?  Coool! Have a good one! 


Do not dwell on the past,nor worry about the future,for tomorrow may not be there. Live today to the fullest,and enjoy life!

YellWell first of all there is not enough words in the hole world that could descride how much i hate miley ( and i am not jelouse one bit. i am just one of those mileyhaters people!)

2. she is a REALLY REALLY bad role modle

3. she pretty much strips in front of peole (gross!!!!! go and youtube and type in "why we hate miley cyrus")

4. all she dose is do that stupid ugly peace sighn and i drives me crazy!!!!!

5. there is more stuff that i could tell you about this ugly fat hanuse looking thing you all call miley cyrus, but i hate typing and i am going to stop befor i explode of all the mean things i could say about this ugly nasty girl miley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because you are nasty for putting a naked pitcher of you i used to love you and say that you wount turn bad like the other people on tv do you get paid a lot for doing that? But i still like you

ii liikee youu (:

ii sweatt someee of ur songss im not gonna liee some songs ii cant standd butt ii lovee one inna millionn andd a few otherss too (:

(( btw ii lovee hanna montanaa ))

* altaaa <3


i dont hate you it is just that sometimes it is hard cause you are my age and you r famous and i work my but off everyday just to get a little attion and the spotlight is always on you..i just wish it was me..but i do like your music and everything it is just people go alittle crazy sometimes and say things they dont mean..i apologize for others who are disrespectful sometimes but that is just how people r and sometimes you cant do anything about it..i hope everything works out and good luck with your carrer and you may be seeing me in the future..(i hope)..peace..

The reason people dont like you anymore(I'm a kid so I'm telling you something)we thought you were a good person and a good singer.Now you pose on Vanity Fair and your 15!Why did you do that!Me,myfriends,my family,my neighbors and other people hate you now!Your too young to be posing on Vanity Fair!And the picture with your dad looked as if he should have been your boyfriend!they even call you a slut.Understand this,if you do anything like that you might as well get kicked out of stardom and be a loser like Britney Spears.


You want to know why people hate you its alot of things ok first of all you pose like your a gangster with that darn peice sign and your web show with mandy and 2 idots could do that you spend half the video running around screaming in the camera lense! Ok and your show again girl your white, ok like when you say lines like, big daddy say what? you sound so fake and i no thats the producers fault but still. ohh and all your songs like the other side of me ok ya what do you know about be a normal kid ya even before you started singing your dad was famous. So dont tell me you understand and one of my friends who i met  on vacation said she lived like ten minutes from your old house or current one in tennisse and she said she went to sleep over party and you tried to be in the spotlight at all times and you acted like a bratt!

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