What liberals think about others opinions

Photo: Double standards between the "Left" and the Right"?

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I would say that that is more your problem then theirs.

And sweetie. If you go to a party and everyone thinks you'r an asshole.

It most likely because you made an asshole of yourself.

Freedom of speech does not mean that people are required to agree with you.

You whiney little baby you.

Hay. You think I'm crazy? You should hear the voices in my head. Those people have issues.

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They have their own opinion.But they respect others' opinions.

I don't wish to be argumentative ,but I disagree with the Islamic belief that I should be killed! " If radical atheists decided they needed to kill believers to ensure their place in nothingness, I'd be criticizing that too."

That's absolutely true.  I find that liberals get nasty quickly when anyone else opposes their views.

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