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My legs are sore 100% of the time. They both hurt ...

My legs are sore almost 100% of the time. They both hurt the same. It's hard to decribe the discomfort like they feel like there's continuous pressure on the backs of them. They are more uncomfortable sitting down. It's like I have a chair tied tightly to my legs all of the time, even when I'm standing, however standing seems to lessen the discomfort. I went for an ultra sound because I was getting warm charges thru one of my calves. It turned out to be fine. What's my next step.

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Please check your blood circulatin.  As per your description that's the reason for your pains.  Check it iand if I am right then treat it.  If I am right you should, in addition, do daily exersices (choose those that stimulate the flow of your blood, e.g: Fast walking, running, dancing, aerobics, swimmimg, etc). 
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I was once a commercial photographer where I was required to stand most of the time on cement floors. I soon developed terrible pains in my legs and then through a good friend discovered that if I stand on my head for a few minutes a day I would soon get relief and so it was. Try it. There are a number of Yoga positions that could be very helpful.

Thank you for responding.

I will.  I am going to make another appointment with my doctor to see what could be going on. 


Thank you

Skip the doctor and goto the chiropractor!

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