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Legit PTC sites?

"The simplest way are answering surveys or doing some pay-per-click jobs." I agree that paid-to-click jobs are simple and very easy to do, but I experienced the earning we get from this jobs is very small and almost negligible, and many PTC websites even the legit ones turn to scamming after being around for awhile. So, how to find the legit PTC websites among those scams?

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There are: NeoBux.com and Clixsense.com. But you are missing the point. You can't expect to earn from clicking ads on these sites. I know this may sound silly but the real money is earned by creating referrals.

There are several ways to make money online but there are mainly two ways
1)    Get paid to programs: which pays you for clicking ads emails etc but payment is quite low. Consider yourself lucky if you able to cross 10$ per month
2)    Affiliate Marketing: where you sell someone product and get commission. This the best way to go but there is lot of confusion regarding that.

But I have  a free ebook for you which works quite differently and easy methods to implement and requires no cash. The method is fantastic. Its super easy and explained with screenshots so newbie friendly too. Good luck.


That is very hard to tell. There are very few that are legit. Lots of scammers out there!

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the top PTC sites so far would be neobux and clixsense. they're still around and paying anyway. you can't really earn much by simply clicking on ads alone. the best way is to refer people to join but before you do make sure you have paid the $10 upgrade to a premium account or your 20% commission on upgraded referrals will just go to waste.

another site that i found is Join4aDollar. it's not a ptc site. you invest a dollar where you get e-books (from popular authors) as products in return and you are automatically joined to a lucrative business. it still works on referrals but don't worry because you get spillovers from upline since a member has to have a maximum of 3 level 1 referrals only, therefore any additional referrals would go to your next level. check the site for a better description. make sure you have a sponsor and not straight from the admin in order to get those spillover referrals like what i experienced.

here's the site: http://www.join4adollar.com?sponsor=surf4money

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