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Legality of Microphone in theWorkplace?

legality of employer placing a microphone in the workplace The microphone is located at the pay counter of a retail store. The employer did not notify the employees of the microphone. Is this legal? Miss Williams

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I think that is legal most places if they let the employees they are doing it, perhaps in all states, just like they can have camera there too.


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It depends on the fine print of your employment conditions and also what the laws say in particular State where you work. To monitor your work for which you are duly paid for may not be illegal at all.However monitoring may be limited by the Constitutional provisions and laws protecting privacy but each one depends on your willingness to test the law through a legal suit if such is permitted under your employment conditions.As for Natural laws,nothing is hidden under the sun,so putting microphones or camera is an attempt to copy what already exists in creation,for nothing we do can actually be said to be off record.We are responsible for every breath,every look or word that we utter into creation because it takes up form and exists for those with clairvoyant abilities to see anyway.My advice is for workers to begin to understand that there is really no privacy in the workplace.

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Personally I would love it if my boss would put in both a video camera and a microphone at the counter.  I work part time, 3 days a week, at a local mom/pop shop.  We are there totally alone, not even shift overpals.  One person opens at 6 am and next shift comes in at 2 pm.  It's ridiculous but I can't tell you how many times customers have told my boss that I said this or said that and I get in trouble even if the conversation never took place.  The place I work is up for sale because we do so little business that the owner also holds a regular job.  She works as a bar tender at the local Moose Lodge.  Every idiot who warms a barstool down there thinks they have the right to sit down there and complain about the least little thing to the point she's so fed up with hearing it, she then brings it up to you.  By then she's mad about it and it doesn't go well for the employee, namely us.  I've already told her, I'll treat every customer the way I want to be treated when I go into a store, but I don't get paid enough to stand there and take abuse from them and I'm not going to.

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