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Why does my leg hurt when I lay down

What causes pain in the hip flexors and legs when lying down. I do have some quick sharp pain in my lower right side of my back. I am not as flexible in the thighs as I was before this started. It does not hurt when I am standing, walking, working out just mostly when lying down especially on my right side. Sometimes when I am driving or sitting

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i just googled the same question and your post came up! I also hurt in joints only when lying down and I sleep on right side with pillow btween my legs. When i get up in the morning and get moving it goes away, but wakes me during the night! please let me know also if you get a knowledgable response!



Could be osteopirosis, or a sciatic nerve is being encroached upon by a disk in the lower back due to mucsle inflamation

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