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Why do bananas cause leg cramps? It happens with ...

why do bananas cause leg cramps?  It happens with me, my father and grandmother.  Normally we don't suffer nocturnal leg cramps, but we do every time we eat bananas.

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I want to know the answer too. It is not always late at night, but it never fails for me to get leg cramps when I eat bananas, but even googling all I can come up with is bananas healing cramps not causing them. Ugh!

I am in the same boat!!!  I also noticed this happening to me after eating a banana.  I Googled it but nothing comes up other than bananas are supposed to take the cramping away.  I'll be watching this post for, hopefully, for an answer!  I'm curious, too!!

Are we crazy? We can't all be wrong. I was eating bananas because I thought the potassium in them would help with my leg cramps, but I started to notice that when I ate them, my cramps got worse!!! I stopped eating them and they got better, so I (experimentally) started eating them again and sure enough, bad cramps. Doesnt anyone have the answer?

Leg cramps are powerful contractions of the muscles in the lower leg which causes great pain. It often occurs in the middle of the night and therefore wakes up the patient. The pain persist for hours thereafter although of lower intensity. Anyhow, it can disturb the sleep to a great extent.



Ditto.  Eat a banana, get leg cramps.  It would be nice to have an explanation.  I'd love to be able to eat bananas without the pain after.

I don't get leg cramps but I do get cramps in my hands it seems every time I eat bananas. 

leg cramps usually in the back thigh area, after eating bananas help

Amen brothers and sisters...Eat a banana, get brutal calf and foot cramps, don't eat bananas, no problem. I just put this together recently and decided to search for an answer, but like you, all I have found is that bananas are the miracle cure, not the cause....hmmm? All I can do is speculate that we are,in fact deficient in something and something in the banana triggers the condition to flare up. I stopped eating them when I put the pieces together, but am going to try to continue eating them to see if the cramps subside or continue. Maybe just need to suck it up and stabilize whatever is deficient?? Wish me some sleep luck. Will let you know how it goes. This is gonna hurt! Frown

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