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Every teenager has made zip guns out of plumbing pipe, match heads, nails, and old rags used for wadding. These guns are concealable, untraceable, used in assassination to an unnerving degree, and ...

Is there anything original in any leftist?  Really, leftists are dangerous.  These people are all so unintelligent that they can bore you to death!

Is that why only leftists build and use zip guns?  They really ARE simple and easy to make.  That is why professional assassins use them and nothing else!  There are no ID marks or serial numbers to trace, or all that.

I wonder why our uneducated leftist liberals never thought about that?

To be born free is a gift. To live free is a privilege. To die free is our duty.
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Anonymous Comment

Rocmike aka American Patriot is starting today's posting marathon off with Southern, John Wilson, Anonymous and Mike Weaver who is still posting at 5.30 am est.. We are in store of this idiot posting for hours and hours alias after alias repeating the same thing over and over and going to old questions and answers.

Bob Suffolk Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Southern, the reason leftist liberals never consider the full case is that they are narrow minded in the extreme, hence completely and compulsively irrational.


That is why leftist liberals like Ted Kaczynski could murder with impunity if leftists had any input whatsoever into law or law enforcement.


Face it, leftists are all violent criminals and became that way for a reason.

Anonymous Comment

Rocmike aka American Patriot stated its posting marathon at 2.00 pm est with Ladydarko. anonymous, JohnTraina, Bob Suffolk and Renner who is still posting at 3.00 am est. We have had hours and hour of this idiot repeating the same thing over and over and going to old questions and answers. Same pattern every single day. GET A LIFE.

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