Why Does My Left Hand Go Numb?

I have recently begun to experience numbness in my hands. Frequently this is while I sleep (I tend to sleep with a hand tucked under my head). Of course the alleviation to this is to remove the hand and extend my arm to get the blood flowing back to it. Lately though, my left hand (most noticeably) gets numb during the day. I do not have any diabetic symptoms, I do smoke and have gained a few pounds. Other than that (!) I do not believe I suffer from hypertension (my blood pressure is ideal). Any other thoughts on why my left hand goes numb from time to time? And it is localized to the exterior left side and includes my little, ring and middle fingers.

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i have exactly the same problem and i couldnt find any answer for it,

I've come to think it is linked to the nerve in my elbow (I forget the technical name). That is the most likely diagnosis, if I really pay attention to what I do. Good luck to you.


Have you been tested for carpal tunnel syndrome.  Thats what it sounds like.

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