LeBron James in Cleveland

What's your opinion about LeBron James's return to Cleveland as a member of the Miami Heat?

LeBron James in ClevelandGetty Images / AP

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I know it's over now, it already happened but I think LeBron James is a Jerk.  I think he is classless and just a jerk.  I know he went back to Clevelend and he played awesome but he is a jerk!

Lebron James signed with the Heat, thats that, let it go. 

haven't invented anything, but i sure have made a lot of things better

It's better for him to return !!!

I think Heat is weak now , Because of these 3 players !!! ( Wade , Bush , James )

If James return , He can get up very fast !!!

Faster than in Heat !!!

That happened already and while lebron is playing as a heat in cleveland, the fans booed on him instead of giving him applause. That's the consequence of Lebron's desire to win a championship. Many People hated him.

Lebron will never be a Jordan a Bird or a Magic. this is why! Those three built a chanpship team around them and king "James" nothing (metallica) has lost that chance to be a legend. Guess it is up to the cri-dicks-:( to decide....

LeBron James pile of crap

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