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Learning Sign Language?

How hard is to learn sign language? How much effort, and specifically, time does it take to learn it and use it fast and effectively?

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Signing is more difficult if you have no one to sign with..it helps to have a partner..you can both use ear plugs to get the acutual mind set..and start by learning the alphabet and proper placement of the fingers..because placement can change a word to become another..there is a great book for children,very easy to learn and then go to next level. My grandaughter started signing when she was 3 and is now 6 now can sign and converse. She practices in the mirror a lot..the nice thing is it is a universal language....

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I think like most things in this world, learning sign language depends on your determination. If you are motivated enough, I think you will be able to learn it quickly. If you are not motivated, then you won't learn a thing.

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