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What is the best way to implement "lean" thinking in a volunteer organization?

To create a team of "leading figures" and lead (the process) and give an example.  But before doing it you must get the approval and committment of the top management.   The team has to work continuously.  The main mission of the team is to convince the people that the whole process is for their own good & future.

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cheryl Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Thank you and I think this part is a done deal in the organization of which I am a part.  Our exec. team and managers are knee-deep in lean training and having made a substantial investment of time an resources are very anxious to pass on what they are learning and implementing to the next levels of leadership, whether or not they are paid staff or volunteer leadership.  Those of us at that level of involvement simply have to be ready to embrace the information and lead by example...and start small!  Something simple leads to something greater and before you know it we will all be drinking the koolaid and finding ways to operate the "lean" way and incorporate at least some if not all the methodologies that can significantly impact and improve our organization.  The challenge is there and can be met with the support we have available to us.  Thanks for the encouragement and wisdom!

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