Leaky pipes! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/12/ann-coulter-sean-hannity-leaks-obama-white-house_n_1589225.html?utm_hp_ref=media

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If your shitter is plugged it is because of republicans.  We're taking over.  We're getting rid of that nigger you put in and we're going to put in one of us.  Get used to it.

I have always found Democrats repulsive.  It is partly because they are such obnoxious cheats and liars, but more because of their sheer hypocrisy.  Two-faced Democrats will always be the dishonor of America because they do not represent the people.

Democrats only represent the special interests that funded their elections, and hold ordinary people in utter contempt.

Such corruption and misplaced loyalty in the foreign corporations that use them to stage hostile takeovers, to be blunt, stinks on ice.

What makes leftists think they know anything? So far, all they ever proved is that they can't drive, think, or believe. What good are they?

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