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Leadership qualities

what are the qualities of a good leader in sports?

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Leadership is the process of influencing team members to work hard towards, and be committed to team goals. A leader guides a team, not rules a team.

Great leaders in sports are both task- and people-oriented, but lean more towards being task-oriented.

Leaders must possess the qualities they are trying to incorporate into their team. One of the most powerful things they can do is lead by example.

Outstanding leaders make decisions based on facts, and apply common sense and simplicity to complex tasks.

Successful leaders are not only highly driven and intrinsically motivated but also foster that same enthusiasm in their associates.

Great leadership encompasses confidence, assertiveness and mutual respect.

Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?

Leadership is the art of getting things done by others for you. Leadership qualities are inborn in some people while others, have to develop it so here are an assortment of the qualities which can make one a successful leader.
InnovativeA good leader is not scared to make innovative decisions for the benefit of the organization even if it involves risking his reputation

  1. FocusGood team leaders remain focused on the missions of their teams. They know that their most important objectives and are not sidetracked by trivial issues. They control the direction of the team rather than allow something else to control it for them.
  2. VisionA leader must have a vision, a visualization of where he or she wants the team to go that’s in the best interest of the team as well as organization. The vision has to be communicated to every member of the team so that they know from start what exactly is required of them. A well defined vision increases the chances of team meeting its goals.
  3. Practical in their approachLeaders who can’t control their emotions should not be team leaders, and also they should not favor anybody and should reward only performance.
  4. Pressure. A leader is always under pressure that pressure can take many forms like meeting tight deadlines, working long hours, and accommodating the multiple personalities of the different team players. If one wants to be a successful leader he should know how to handle such pressures.
  5. Participation of team membersA team leader knows how to persuade the members of the team to participate in team discussions by encouraging all team members to present their opinions and ideas, because the more the members of the team participate the more they will be willing to perform their tasks.

Communication is a key element of a good leader . Being able to get across your points and be listened are fundamental to all other parts of a leader's set of jobs.

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