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Lawyer refund

I hired phillips and asso. To do my bankrupcy case. 3 months ago i got a letter from a different lawyer sayiny they have my case. I paid phillips and asso. $2390.00. I fired this new lawyer firm, they did nothing for me and i asked for a refund of my money. They sent me $400.00. I asked for a print out of there charges but as of now they have not sent them. How can i get the rest of my money or at least more than  $400.00

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For that fee, he is required to give you a written contract. If he did, but did not give you a copy, the Bar will require him to produce it. If he did not, he is already in the wrong. You can claim rest of the money through claiming to the bar counselling office. http://www.miami-criminal-defense-lawyer.com

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