Can the law enforcment tap your phone if you are on house arrest?

My sister is on house arrest for many different offenses, assisting burglary, breaking a court order, driving my moms car with no license, running from the police, and then breaking another court order because she was threatened. She is not a bad person, but has made some bad choices, she is not aloud to be on the phone with friends, the internet, or even the porch. Sometimes she uses the phone to call our cousin, because she has depression and she is the only one who can really help her, but almost every time she says something about thinking the phone is tapped while on the phone with our cousin, her alarm goes off and she has to hang up, signing the paper to allow them into our privacy we thought only meant they could come into our house when wanted and do random checks, could they have the phone tapped? Also The HomeGuard 200 is attached to the home phone base, so the P.O can monitor where my sister is from our land-line, using the ankle bracelet they put on her. Is tapping our phone illegal? could they tap it using the HomeGuard 200, and could they legally have a warrant please tell me because I'm very worried about this after all this is our private life and I don't appreciate my conversations being recorded because I didn't do anything. By the way the HomeGuard 200 is teh house arrest service she is on and we sometimes hear clicking noises on the phone this means we are supposed to hang up, because they are doing a check and being on the phone interferes, but we always hear another noise that sounds like someone is listening in. Please do not judge my sister, she is not a bad person, everyone has a past. thank you.

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no judgement here but 4real4real they can do whatever they want sometimes you all pay 4 a lovedones crap my family is the only thing holding me still see im a excon too its almost worth to stay down until timeout is no mas that way everybody aint held hostage

Sure they can, all they need is a judge's signature. With that many charges pending, I doubt they'd have any trouble getting a court order to tap your phone.

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Yes they can, a warrant to get a phone tap is fairly simple. It can be acquired in a matter of hours with probable cause; in this case, multiple incriminating offenses. As stated by DubsVet, a judges' signature is all your Law Enforcement needs to get a phone tap. My best bet is that the HomeGuard 200 is on a cell network, and is feeding your home line, over-the-air, that's how they trick you into those horrendoushouse arrest fees, it's like a cell phone, it needs to be paid for, and it's actually pretty undetectable. Hope this helps, and don't go out and get a Cell Signal Jammer, if it's Law Enforcement, it probably runs on a high bandwidth repeater nearby, the jammer wouldn't help. Oh and also, if you are being charged with fees monthly, or even daily, it's because, HomeGuard 200 is a modem, it's practically a computer or an alarm system, that's how the Police respond so quickly to disengagement alerts. Hope this helps...

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