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Late term abortion requirements

Are there any specific requirements for those few abortion doctors like the late Tiller to only due 3rd trimester abortions in case of risk to mothers life?

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I guess yes because this will ensure that after an abortion the mother should have a good health and avoid the bad effect of abortion.

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If it was good enough for Hitler, it is good enough for any other national socialist.

Where are the rhetoriol devices in the article called Legal Abortion Is

It might be easier to answer your question if you could provide a link to the article you're talking about.

42 yrs old, crampy but period 10 days late. Is this menopause??

I have to agree. See your doc. As they say in bridge, a peek is worth two finesses.

Period After Abortion

I think you should see to a doctor because I search on the internet and after an abortion it should take 6 months before you having a period. abortion clinics

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