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What to do with the large niche over my mantle.

Hi Kelly. I need a decorating idea for the large niche above my fireplace. I assume it was meant for a t.v. but we don't use if for that b/c we have an entertainment center. I have seen neighbors who have decorated theirs real nice, however, mine is much deeper. It measures 31" (height), 47" (wide) and 35" (deep). I used to place a large flower arrangement there, but now I have two flower arrangements above it with a cross in the middle. I like the way that looks and I don't want to put the large flower arrangement back b/c it will look like too much flowers. Any suggestions.

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Is there any way to cover it?

You might frame it so it's about 4 to 6 in deep and put sheetrock over the 2x4's or a mirror and make it a shadow box?

I don't know how I would do that. I have a picture of it, but can't seem to send it. It would give you a better idea. I have seen others decorated real nice (candle holders, pictures, etc.) but b/c mine is so deep, I don't think it would look right. Is there a type of decorative screen to maybe decrease the depth of it. It has an electrical outlet in it so maybe a cute lamp possibly with some other things.

Maybe you need to make a false wall behind what you put in it so you can't see how deep it is. MAybe with cloth or heavy card stock? suspend it from the top and maybe a color to match the inside so you don't see the depth.

Is the niche in the brick or rock or is it in the wall? If it is in the wall I would think about painting it a contrasting color and keeping the decoration simple- a set of three large wooden candlesticks of different sizes. Keep two words in mind-striking and simple

"Love One Another" ...And now abideth Faith, Hope and Love, and the greatest of these is Love...

I would use it to create a tableau of favorite knick-knacks and family pictures.  Also, find a few small items you like to hang from the top of it, like candle holders, tussie-mussies, etc.  To create levels, stack things in the back on a pile of beautiful hard-cover books.

If that's too busy for your personal style, you could also find an old window, preferably with multiple panes, and hang it flush with the front wall.  I had a similar niche above my fridge, and hung a window with four glass panes (striped, not squared, with a different dried herb hanging behind each pane.  Created the illusion of a wall, without having to dry-wall, etc.  It allowed me to store vases, pitchers etc. behind it, without it looking cluttered.

Last idea - try hanging a trio of paper lanterns.  You can gte them in all sorts of colors and shapes these days.  PIck three of the same shape in colors to complement your decor, or three different shapes and sizes.

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