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8. Out of these languages, which is best to learn? Funnest to learn? Easiest to Learn? Good for jobs? Chinese Japanese Korean Farsi Urdu

8. Out of these languages, which is best to learn?

Funnest to learn?
Easiest to Learn?
Good for jobs?

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This is a very difficult question to answer as it depends what you mean by ‘best’. If you mean most useful or most widely spoken then Chinese would be the best language to learn. Mandarin Chinese is spoken by more people than any other language and as the influence and power of China spreads across the globe the language will become increasingly valuable. If you mean easiest language to learn that depends on your motivation and environment. Farsi and Urdu are both related to English as they are Indo-European languages so if you are an English speaker these may be easier to learn than the character based languages. When deciding which language to learn you should think carefully about your interest, motivation and future use of the language. You will find it very hard to learn a language if you are not interested it the culture, history and customs of that country.

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There is no Chinese. China has many different languages. The most common ones are Mandarin and Cantonese. If you want to work in international business or import/ export these two will help you. Japanese is fun (did it for a year) but no one needs it because the Japanese are very educated, literate and proficient in English. The other languages you ask about I cannot comment on.

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