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How do you say the word "love" in Indonesian? I'm ...

How do you say the word "love" in Indonesian?  I'm looking just for the word love, NOT the phrase "I love you."  Also, what is the word for "heart" in Indonesian?

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Depends what KIND of love you are talking about.

  • Romantic love is "cinta" (pronounce the "c" like a "ch" in English)
  • Platonic love is "sayang." You can use this to describe general affection or family love, too.
  • "Kasih" is a kind of love more along the lines of sympathy or generosity, such as if you are grateful to someone for giving you something, or if you are making a donation or something like that. The closest direct translation into English is "gift" or "appreciation" -- it doesn't really translate directly. In fact, none of these words do. But hopefully you get the idea.


When telling someone "I love you and want to have your babies" use "cinta."

When telling your grandma "I love you and want to have your cookies" use "sayang."

When saying thank you to someone who has done you a favour, say "terima kasih" - literally, "accept my gift."

English is one of those languages so far removed from Indonesian that it can't really translate accurately, so I hope that makes some sense...!


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