I arrived UK as a political refugee 5 years ago

I am lacking language skill but I can to this job.Your opinion and advice.?

I arrived UK as a political refugee 5 years ago. I am holding a civil engineering degree which has already recognised in UK.I have learned English here in UK ,before that I had no English.To be honest I am still not very confident about it. I have learn how the UK planning system works by reading and did finish a lot of CAD drawings ( drawings of house or commercial premises on computer ) during last 5 years. I need some advice . 2 years ago I have registered myself as a self-employed and I have done many planning applications myself from home and got almost all of them approved. But now it did turn out that I am not getting enough client and money to survive and I would like to apply for a job I have found on Internet. I have no other experience in any other company. Company is William Hill and they are looking for CAD technician to prepare and deal their planning applications and drawings for their new opening shops.

# My first question is how should I mention my self employed experience on my CV. ( This is the only experience but it completely fits what they are looking for )

# Job mostly does involve with drawing and design on computer but do you think my language would be an issue here.

# What is the best way to answer question “What has attracted you to this position?” I am thinking an answer like ” The position is a perfect fit for me with my past experience and my future ambitions. Also, your company is a great company to work for and I feel I will fit right in with the office culture.”

I am not familia with the job application. I also don’t want to be Job seeker again.
Any advice and suggestion would be nice.

Sorry for the novel .

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