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Lack of health insurance and inadequate insurance in this country is criminal! http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/06/21/1101981/-Ready-really-ready-for-a-fight

You are so full of shit that your eyes must be brown.

Look into your friggin phone book under government and local programs and you will find free everything.

You can't smooze me I am a nurse RN and Cpt ANRC who served in 2 wars Shield/Storm and this one.  If you doubt it ask me particulars and I can tell you.  Bottomline nobody goes without help in this country and nobody goes without their meds and nobody goes without their cancer tx'x because there are drug companies that pay for it.

There is no need to change the laws regarding the poor only to change the laws regarding the Middle Class upon whose back every damned thing resides.

The Middle Class are the ones' who need a break because if you have property, money in the bank or any funds at all you pay through the friggin nose.

I know been a nurse over 25+ years.

Lady Darko

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Rocmike=Ladydarko If you were a nurse you would know that you are not denied emergency care. Post care is another story. Your kind that are on government programs receive it. It is the hard working lower middle class that doesn't. The law doesn't benefit the poor fool you already get your free health care. It benefits those who make a little to much to qualify.

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