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Kuna Indians cocoa drink

It is said that Kuna Indians drink up to 40 cups of a cocoa drink a week, how do they prepare this drink and what are the ingredients?

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It is said that Kuna Indians drink up to 40 cups of a cocoa drink a week, how do they prepare this drink and what are the ingredients?  Does anyone know the answer to this question, please

While I do not know exactly how the Kuna Indians do it, I have been intrigued by the benefits attributed to their cocoa based drink and have begun to experiement using raw cacao (cocoa) beans and my grind and brew coffee maker.  I found some good, reasonably priced, raw, organic, cocoa beans on Amazon (brand is Live Superfoods).  I mixed them half/half with some regular whole coffee beans and put them in my coffee maker's grinder and let it grind and brew just like I would whole coffee beans.  It's blander than pure coffee, but it's still pretty good sweetened with some stevia (and milk added, if you prefer).  I have yet to try it with only cocoa beans.  I think it would be better if allowed to brew longer.  I think the best way to do so would be to grind the cacao beans and prepare like coffee in a French press coffee maker (just brewed a bit longer before straining).  Good luck! 

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