Kristen Stewart as Bella in Twilight

Did you like Kristen Stewart as Bella in Twilight?

Who do you think could have done the part better? Will she adopt the vampire look now?

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i definietly though they could have picked a better one-twilight got bad reviews 2

the movie was great though,i loved it!!!!!!!!! just didnt like kristen

I thought she was great. And hope shes goes far in acting. And like the post before. She's shy (new school, new location) and knowing that she might be crushing/dating a vampire would make one a little interspective and doing more thinking

I Think she played the part really well all the actors picked were perfect for thier part, but in my opinion if they had chosen someone else to play Bella Alexis Bledel could have been a great actress to play Bella. 

she was reallly good but some parts where just not right on the mark. and she stuttered too much and bella's not supposed to be super shy. and when she's with edward, she's definitely not calm as much really. and she's def. fearless, but she knows what she wants to say, even if edward doesn't want to hear it. she didnt stutter 2348934 times while trying to speak. and that's pretty much my "problems" with kristen stewart as bella. but she def. had the look down, and sounded i guess the way bella would be expected to sound. slightly monotone and "boyish". she fit the part of bella perfectly.

i think she was perfect at it! although she might have smiled more but whatever! she was still really good! i hope she keeps going all through the movie series!

I loved Kristen Stewart as Bella in Twilight she did an amazing job better then anyone epected her too. And yes she will adopt the look of a vampire because she is beautiful and she already has the pale skin going on, so everyone that thinks otherwise are intitled to their opinion but i would have to disagree with them.

UGH. I HATED HER ACTING. She wasn't calm or shy, she was morose and angry. Bella is supposed to be madly in love with Edward, but she gave him the deathstare for the whole movie! If she just lightened up, she probably could have pulled off the part...

i think she was ok.

but emily browning would have been better

and no she will not adopt the look now

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