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Philip Ellender, president of government and public affairs for Koch industries, posted an open letter to Obama campaign manager Jim Messina online Friday. The letter was a response to an attempt by ...

They lost me at '...the regulations that are stifling business growth and innovation...' by proving Obama's assertion.  There are absolutely no regulations that stifle business at this time and never have been; we need MORE regulation, not less; but what right-winger neo-conservative ever tells the truth?  NONE.

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Bill Compton Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

America has seen hundreds (if not thousands) of major businesses fold or outsource all their products to corrupt foreign companies because of Obama's misconduct in office.  That, in itself, is treason: economic warfare is the act of a traitor and Obama has committed it with the aid of his co-conspirators.


We have kept America afloat financially DESPITE Obama and his racist followers. 


Just as Clinton was guilty of felony conspiracy, and survived only by the sheer KKK racist villainy of Democrats, so did Obama, because all Democrats are swarthy and greedy criminals of the basest and bitterest sort -- including Lynn.

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Rocmike you have one sad boring life. This answers 2 months old.


Compton -you redefine delusional to a new level.

BTW=the racial remarks I've heard this last year are from right wing politicans-from the 'welfare queens' to Gingrich's getto statements. Where's your list Bill?


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