We know our knowledge. Don't we?

We know our knowledge. If we know our knowledge, then why do we search for it?

We know our knowledge. Don't we?


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Because (DUH!!) we're not searching for the knowledge we already have. We're searching for MORE knowledge.

No one knows ALL knowledge.  Each of us knows some, that is why we continue searching.  Also, we will never know all, because knowledge changes every minute of every day.  So, those who are interested in any subject can always learn more.  That is why interested parties search.

we do not know what we possess. it is experienced by others. it is an instant flow of thoughts. if you know it. you are limiting un awaringly.

love smiling faces, or make others to smile at you. it is the secret of happiness in life.

If we had all knowledge, we would be God, which we aren't.  Just the very fact that you think we have all knowledge goes to show that you don't.

"Taken from the movie "Titanic" "A woman dies with many secrets in her heart"

Ever expanding, evolution.  have a good day.

all of your choices in life describe you. Keep up with your choices.

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