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Case knife. I have a yellow case knife xx on blade ...

case knife. I have a yellow case knife xx on blade oxoxo. casexx. xoxox on blade 2 usa . 3254. cv  4" long close 3" blade. can some one tell me when it was made  and how do you read the dates on the knife.

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Hello, good question, and you are heading the right direction to get your answer.

We are knife Sharpeners and can sharpen such a knife but we don't know the history of Case.  I am sure someone will answer you or you can google Case Knives and find the answer there.   Good luck, Jon at Edgemaster Mobile Sharpening.  www.edgemasterfranchising.com

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This knife was made in 2005 and is the trapper model, in 1970 the base of the blade said case xx usa and then had 10 dots under that each year they took away one of the dots until 1980 then they put five dots on each side of the two XX and took away 1 dot every year until 1990 then they stamped the date along with Bradford Pa until 1995 then they went back to dots but this time they were placed at random up or down or side ways these were called floating dots.

In 2000 they put 5 Xs and 5 dots removing one each year until 2010.

2010 they once again put 5 dots and 5 Xs but they changed the letter C in the word case so you could tell the difference.

If you go to casexx.com that will take you to shepherd hills cutlery they are the worlds largest case xx dealer, they have A library click there and then click on the book that says referance after that click onto tang stamps and they will show you how to age A case knife as far back as 1889 when they were founded.

You can find out what the knife is made from what knid of blade your knife has pretty much everything about your knife, but in the number 3254 at the base of your knife 3 is for yellow syntheic or plastic the 2 is for the number of blades the knife should have and the 54 is for the model in this case it is A trapper.

I hope you found this little leason on case xx knives helpful!

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