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Please help after a knee replacement how far can you bend your knee, the doctor recommended that I must do a knee replacement after I was shot and the bullet got stuck in my knee. I am struggling to ...


I just had my first knee replacement 10 weeks ago. I am 48 and had bone-on-bone in my right knee due to sports wear and tear. It is important to do the rigorous physical therapy but it helps promote healing and bending. I have 130 degrees of bending-still sore and stiff but it is going to be great 3 months from now. 120-125 degrees is the goal of the pt and doctor to have for the patient...

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While bending is important, getting the knee straight is likely the most important part of a TKA.  As Lynn wrote above, 120 degrees is acceptable, but 130 degrees is what we would like.  For more info check out Acceleration Physical Therapy in Spokane WA.

Robert Marro

Ihad to have my TKR removed because I developed an infection when having a Fem-Pop to increase circulation. I then had a Septic knee joint that had to be removed. I went through my IV anti bioctic treatmeant n I am ready for reimplantation but a drainage in my knee which has been cultured to be Synovial fluid and a skin/muscel/tissue graft and 95% has healed up except this one area. It's been 7 weeks since the graft and still draining.If anyone might have a solution to stop this drainage I would really be delighted to hear from you or anyone else. Can't put the TKR back untill the drainage stops. Thank you all 4 listening Bob Tampa 


I am having trouble sitting in normal chairs (17" high or less) and rising without searing, burning pain in my quads and pulling in my knees.  When does this go away and therefore enabling you to go to restaurants, social events, friends homes and able to sit and to use the facilities?

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