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Knee replacement & blown knee cap

knee replacement complications

I have had both knee replacements done and had a knee cap has blown out.  Has anyone heard of this?

Shouldn't the artifical part of the knee cap be protected?  The doctor said that the reason the knee cap blew is because the blood was not getting to the knee because of the scar tissue.  He told me to wear a brace when I was on my knee for a long period of time.  Come back in six weeks, does anyone know what my options are?

Do you need a knee cap replaced? Should not the

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I had a TKA in 1995 and so far its still working well. It took a couple monthe to get walking real well but therype is the answer and the more you use it the better JIM

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Hi Chuck, A loose post mean the tibial component of new knee is loose and is causing a lot of pain. If you see in knee replacement surgery they insert implant into the tibia and femur. Due to so many reasons it could get loose and thus it can create pain. Hope it helps.

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The best person you can ask is your private doctor. Only he/she knows your personal medical history in full and can gauge if knee replacement surgery is a risky procedure or not. Good luck.