Why do we kill each other?

Why is it that we as humans cannot come to the consensus that, based on a quick review of history, violence never solves anything, and that violence cannot be a means to an end when the mean is the exact opposite of the end?

Why can't we settle our difference without force?

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few reasons:

1. most people does not think rationally and act not from their brains.

2.. some people are bad, evil, and would like to kill you .

if you will do nothing, they  will,

so you have to be stronger and kill them, or arrest them.

3. the macro is like the micro. as long as people will kill each other tin each block, city, and country, it will  spread outside, while the people in each stage are combined to fight the next one. therefore, worldwide peace will only take place when UFO's will attack earth.Wink




a human for survive most do some things.

1. to find out what the dangerous for him.
2. to find out how to destroyed this dangerous.
3. destroyed this dangerous as fast as he can. as israel try to do to hachi zballa.

One ugly truth about humans is that we got where we are by violence.  What I mean is, as soon as humans rose to the top of the food chain, we were no longer threatened by lions and tigers and bears, so there was no great breeding advantage to being more intelligent.  So why then do we see this huge gap in intelligence between humans and our nearest competitors in the great food chain?  Well, something made intelligence a valuable survival trait.  And that something was fighting with ourselves.  

One theory has it that in northern climates, where there is regular freezing, our ancestors had regular periods of famine forced on them by crop failures.  In times like these, it came down to a choice of steal or starve.  Thus, anyone descended from cold lands is guaranteed to be the product of ancestors who were either good at stealing or defending.  (Since the mediocre would starve, either from failing to steal enough or from having all their food stolen, and probebly getting killed in the process). 

So the answer to 'why do we kill each other' is: it's our nature.  It's a trait that our ancestors passed on, because those who didn't kill, didn't live to pass on their peaceful traits.


Hi nocitizen,  I too share your valid question and wonder about the senselessness of using violence as a means to an end when using conflict resolution regarding issues would mean that people would be living longer lives and so would their children and THEIR children. 

SIGH - I think we continue to kill each other because many people want us to believe (or astonishingly enough even LOOK) the same exact way as they themselves do and since people have their own unique personalities, this is of course impossible to do, hence the ones who want to be in control end up losing their tempers and want what they want IMMEDIATELY and feel that by using force instead of talk, people will stand up and notice and then for sure will change their minds and do their bidding.

This is so wrong and nonsensical and makes for a very sad world in which to live in. It doesn't need to be this way if enough human beings do not WANT it to be.

By us talking about it this way we are making a difference and I am very relieved to see you asking this question here in Yedda.

You are invited to visit my website, Marilyn's Non-Violent Planet http://www.non-violent.com because you certainly sound like a person who is as interested in this subject as I am. Take care... 


I invite you to visit my website, Marilyn's Non-Violent Planet <a href="" rel="nofollow" cl="http://www.non-violent.com/" class="comlink">http://www.non-violent.com</a>

Hi glbloom, Yes we've been doing this ever since we've been on this earth and you're right - it IS in our natures but I believe we've evolved to a higher place within ourselves where we now have the luxury of a choice as to whether or not we wish to continue this violent behavior to survive. The way I see it, there's been many instances of non-violent, peaceful, non-cooperation in this world and it tells me that we as people can live longer, more productive and just all-around better lives if we stop the killing. :D

I invite you to visit my website, Marilyn's Non-Violent Planet <a href="" rel="nofollow" cl="http://www.non-violent.com/" class="comlink">http://www.non-violent.com</a>

simply it is in our basic nature to kill each other, basic human instincts   think about it   if two people are hold a gun to each other, wouldn't you be the first to pull the trigger and hopefully live. and beyond that it is the most profitable industry of the world   -  war  -. i believe if the entirety of the human race was able to re calibrate there agenda and re focus on things what really should be every human's first concern. we must all start thinking alike or nothing will ever get done, we have the power to push human civilization to its max, without killing one another  and auctually promoting ourselves. Space exploration is something when most people think about = star trek, funny thing is roughly 35 years ago we went to the moon ( no comments on the conspiracy theory bullshit) and came home, if we were able to take every dollar in what we spend on arms yearly we could re organize our economy and re spend it on reasearch into furthuring technology and aerospace programs. Most people dont think like me, i feel like we can do so much more as a race together, then 193 different countries thinking different ways and with different actions and only leading to chaos and wars. think about OUR PLANET IS SMALL, NO ACTION = NO RESULTS = SHIT ON US FOR LETTING IT HAPPEN



    i have heard so many people say it can never be done, not untill it is truly done do people really notice it was done.


e-mail if you support


It is my understanding that as humans, we have the tendency to destroy what we do not want to confront.  It is easier to kill a murder than to sit in a room with him/her and have a conversation.  We don't want to be remind that everyone of us have the ability to kill, to destroy, to be evil.  Hence, we kill anyone that personifies all these trades.  The justification for the evil act we commit comes from our arrogant believe that our ideas are righteous.  We are good and they are evil, and to fight evil we must lower ourselves to their level which means we must kill. As the saying goes "One cannot make an omelet without breaking a few eggs".  My questions for your is this: Is killing an innate trade or is it learned?

you think that we could get over this violence thing but i guess its just a short term victory that we enjoy time and time again I wish I knew.    money yeap   power  yeap

it sucks


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