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How to kill someone and make it look like a heart attack?

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You Can Give someone a drug on their drink just to make them a little unconscious something natural, even alcohol and make them drunk, just so nothing suspicious comes out on their blood when they're investigating the body, USE gloves all the time! then you need to have practiced how to give shots efficiently before for this, and how to drain blood with a syringe before hand. anyway, get a new syringe with absolutely nothing in it. Pull it down about 5 mg as if you are filling the syringe with air! If you want to be real quick and a little more troublesome, look for the artery on the persons neck. and look for a spot that is not easily noticeable ! the easiest way, although it takes a little longer, is using a vein on one of the arms. Now carefully inject the AIR inside their vein, be careful not to leave a huge mark, this is why you need some training on this before hand! and now just wait for the heart attack and sit back. a little bubble of air will stop their heart enough for them to die and look like a heart attack. Now they might discover that the cause of death was by an air bubble but it's alright as long as you cleaned all the evidence right away and left no trace behind. good luck 

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