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How to kill a ball python snake?

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I'm sure you could set a trap with a mouse or something... or you could just get an exterminator to take care of it.  I wouldn't go near one of those, to be perfectly honest.

Never be afraid to try, remember... Amateurs built the ark Professionals built the Titanic

can't do....exterminators won't touch snakes........my son bought this and then moved back home. Waiting to hear from wildlife guys.......

 Yea that's a great idea. Kill it because you don't want it. I hope you have more compassion in other areas of your life like child rearing. Do the decent humane thing and put an ad on craigslist.com in the pets section and give it to someone who will take care of it. I hope you don't have a dog or any other pets.

 I read a story about a dead little boy buried in the sand on a playground in a park. She didn't want her little boy so she killed him and left him buried in the park for some innocent children to find. Was that you?


Sure I'll give up my guns. But you'll have to pry them from my cold dead fimgers. "A government that fears arms in the hands of people should also fear rope." By Nathan Bedford Forrest "Gun control laws increase the power of government and the criminal element over the average citizen and serve no other purpose." By Robert E. Lee

Try starving it. It'll be dead in about a year, and hopefully the ASPCA will be banging down your door long before then. Animal abuse is not just limited to the "cute" animals like doggies and kitties, you know.

This should be under the topic "Animal Cruelty," not "Pest Control," since a Ball Python is far from a pest. It's like asking "How do you kill a kitten?" An infestation of Ball Pythons sounds just as stupid as an infestation of kittens! And the kittens would have more of a chance of actually hurting you. BPs are extremely docile creatures, and most of the time won't even bite you in self defense! And shame on your son for leaving it with you.

If you do choose to stop being so ignorant, petfinder.com is a great place for you to post a profile of the Ball Python for sale. Someone will buy him/her. Someone like you, who is clearly lacking in the morals department, probably loves money for nothing.  They make great pets, especially for a first-time snake owner. Take care of him/her in the meantime, or find a friend who will help.



please dont kill it ill buy it how much please give me a call at 903-987-7358 my name is cody holt

too late - i gave it away to another snake lover!Laughing

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