Which kind of keyboard good with

Which kind of keyboard good with, must not delay, sensitive reaction, because I need to play FPS games.


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Help with my keyboard?

Get to your control panel, find the Keyboard icon, it would depend on what OS you are using. Its simple on Windows.. Jamy - Press Digital Support www.pressdigital.com.au

How to clean a keyboard?

It depends, you can take the keybaord to bits and clean it with a damp cloth ensure it is all dry then before re-use, they are pretty hardy things I have done this many time to mine I use http://mammothcleaningsupplies.co.uk/cleaning-chemicals/housekeeping-supplies/medisan-hard-surface-cleaner-kills ...

How do i unlock my keyboard?

Unplug from back of computer and plug back in.

Is there a remedy (keyboard or whatever) that ...

It is going to research that this type of keyboard made. Thanks monitor keyboard drawer , 1u rackmount keyboard drawer , 1u monitor keyboard drawer