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Splice PVC pipe lawn sprinkler system

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easy to do with any hacksaw or other saw ... that's one of the best things about PVC (and does not rust).      Use PVC glue to join any PVC and it virtually welds the 2 parts together ... work fast, it dries pretty fast when applied.   It is used almost exclusively for the underground pipe system in yard sprinkler systems.


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I've also seen compression splicers at the local MacLumber yard recently at a price that will only cause you to scream with pain, rather than expire from heart failure.

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Best saw to use is a very fine tooth laminate saw -12=14 TPI. Fat Max is one, but the best is Bahco. Join it with 'Weld-On 711' Cool

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Hi, it wasn't apparent from your original question what the real problem was. I have to do this very thing at least 2-4 times a week and have not yet found a better method than digging up 3-4 feet of pipe. Cut out the broken part and put back a slightly shorter part with coupling on each end, glue it in. If the pipe is very rigid it often takes 2 people. On occasion I have joined pipe with rubber sleeve, using a piece of rubber hose that just fits over the PVC and about 2" longer than gap, securing it with 4 hose clamps. The difficulty of finding the correct size rubber tube makes this almost as daunting as the first method. Cool

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