Keira Knightley topless - sexy or not?

Keira Knightley has posed topless again and while I find her very beautiful, seeing her bare body gives me an uncomfortable feeling of seeing a naked girl and not a naked woman. I don't feel comfortable seeing these pictures. Am I alone in this?

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Several comments:
1.  Keira Knightley is not at her best. 
2.  She is not really topless (I mean she didn't expose
     too much).
3.  I don't think she shows a girl's body.
4.  My impression is that Keira Knightley is much more 
     smart than beautiful.   
5.  And the main point: Why do you have to compare
     yourself to her ?.... You sure have values and qualities
     she doesn't have (and she has values and qualities
     that you don't have).  If I see a nice guy "well built"
     I don't even bother to compare my body to his.....
6.  Better love what you have and what person you are
     and appreciate it !.
Best rgards,

Love is the battery of life....

I agree that Keira looks unhealthy and childish here and has had a reputation for becoming too thin for some of her performances. I wish that young girls would not look at famous actresses and/or pop stars as role models but they do.  I am confident enough to not let it affect my own body image, especially because I do not find it attractive to be so thin, however I do worry about younger, easier influenced girls.

Nudity as our society defines it is a form of art. Some might think this subject is  controversial but it existed from the beginning of humanity. About Keira we need to try to figure out what was she trying to say by doing that. I think it had to do with the talking about her loosing weight , but I also think she was used and the outcome isn't what see expected. She does look sick in my opinion like sabrins said the affect on young girls is a lot stronger then it is on us . Too thin ......

No you are not alone; I definitely agree with you. In my opinion, it is rather gross to sell a product via a photo of a nude woman but to use a photo of a teenager is obscene.  Teenagers should be studying in school and enjoying their youth but to sell their bodies cheapens them and imagine  what it does to their peers.  It is OK to earn extra money but not the way she is doing it.

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