Kaufman, TX. any venomous snakes and what kind??

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You could encounter diamondback rattlesnakes, coral snakes, and possibly copperheads.

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Other than that, it's not a problem. Actually, this is a good situation because there has never been a reported sighting of any of these- Asian whip snake, black mamba, bushmaster, fer de lance, gaboon viper, King cobra, west African bush viper, inland taipan, and the beaked sea snake.

The venom injected from a single bite of the inland taipan is sufficient to kill 100 adult.

Shown above is the bush viper.


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Copperheads would be the most likley.They like hanging out under stuff,wood/lumber/trash piles ect or anywhere you would find mice.If you live in the country and have a mice problem you will have a snake problem.That would include the non poisonous ones,Rat snakes,Bull snakes ect.As with any wild animal get rid of the food source and the animal will go elsewhere for food 

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