Katie and Suri-- overexposed?

There seem to be a lot of photos of Katie and Suri out in the open. Do you think that Tom and Katie should be doing a better job of protecting Suri from the hungry media? Is she too exposed?

Katie and Suri-- overexposed?

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Personally, I wouldn't be letting the media get so much coverage of Suri, if I was Katie. However, I do not doubt that Tom and Katie are good parents. Suri seems like a very happy child. I just feel that she is getting too used to the camera's always being around.

I feel a bit sorry for her but she always seems so happy to smile for the camera and I guess it is a part of her life.  She is one of the world's most famous kids, it just means she will never be able to have a "normal" life and will be recognised everywhere she goes.  She is almost like Hollywood royalty.  Princess Suri.  It would not surprise me if we see her film debut in a few years.

the juicier the better

I'd like to see the media leave them alone. Doesn't seem like Katie is seeking out to have Suri photographed. She just seems to be a Mom, doing Mom things with her child, who also happens to be a celebrity.


This is one child who belongs in the spotlight! She is the cutest celeb baby ever, and seems to really really like the camera. Which tells me that she will pass both of her parents in the popularity contest!!

She's gonna grow up a sad spoiled hollywood kid. There's no going back.

I don't understand why you'd want your child being exposed to the public like that, and having a million camera flashes go off in their face. They could keep a lower profile... no one even gave a damn about Katie before Tom.

so long as suri has her parents with lot love warmth and support she will be just fine. her parents seem to spent lots of time with her with fun laughter and play... more then i can say with most parents..... media just want money they will say and go through extrem to get what they want needs to stop and have some respect debby

WinkKatie and Suri should be able to go out when  they want to. otherwise, it would be a prison for them. If somebody wants to get to them, they will no matter where they are.


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