Where is karen refaeli now?

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who knows and really who cares, this dumb ass whore needs to come over to my neck of the woods, I show her how we girls really get down. I would love to knock her upside that ugly ass head of hers. If her gown was 7500.00 and she bought it from some "rich store" then why the hell is some poor older lady fixing it our of her home? Come on, lets get real here for a second. He wedding did not cost 140,000 hell did you see her family home? It was not anything to write home about. The way she talks to people makes me sick, I dare her to come at me that way...lol that would be the end of that. I guess there is a part of me that would like to know if she is still married? If she is then that man she married is a bitch himself..

She is still married..although her husband leaves for work 3 hours early just to get away from her. Her maid of honor Tana is no longer her friend and Karen actually goes to her job to stalk her. She has one friend left out of all the girls. No kids yet and she is still teaching.

I just want to say that I was as shocked and disgusted with the behaviour shown in Bridezillas. I know that most of those shows are edited but still, there has to be some substance there to work with, no? Anyhow, as disgusted as I was at the behaviour shown I am even more disgusted and even disturbed by the comments I read here. I just want to relay something that happened today that ultimately changed my thinking of this young lady Karen and subsequently led me to google her and write this comment. Today, 5/26/11 at about 8:30 am I was coming out of the 63rd. and Lexington Ave train station in NYC. As I was getting off the escalator I saw a young woman at the foot of the stairs on the floor, panting heavily. It was clear she was not well. As this young girl was on the floor many people just walked over her (as it was rush hour) and others just stared and did nothing. There was one young lady however that was clearly caring enough to stop and address this lady. I realized I had an unopened bottle of water and as I approached the ill young lady and gave her the water I realized that the stranger who was consoling her and helping her was Karen, from the show. She was clearly on her way to her destination but dropped everything to be by this woman's side. As I walked away I realized who this woman was and remembered her from the show. I then realized that we all have ugly moments in our lives in different forms. Her ugly moment was captured for all the nation to see. I am not excusing her behaviour but I am not one to judge as I have done things in my lifetime that was not idealistically considered good behaviour. It's who you are at core that matters. It was clear to me that Karen is not monster and definitely not worthy of all the harsh comments. It's one thing to spew hatred towards her but another to involve her familly. She is a human being and clearly a caring one at that. I hope she reads this and that this comment stays in her memory and trumps all the negative comments because her caring bahaviour today far supercedes all the negative actions/words of years before.

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