Kaptur Beats Kucinich - what's your take?

Kucinich loses in Ohio

What do you think will happen next? 


Kaptur Beats Kucinich - what's your take?


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It is fine with me I never liked ole Kookie Kictchie.

Lady Darko

He will lose more.

Joe the Plumber goes to Washington ?

Last of the Mohicans

I doubt Joe Plumber will get to Washington on the taxpayer's cuff but it was long overdue for Denis to leave there.  Good luck to the winner in that district race. 

Kucinich will become a commentator and Marcy Kaptur will go on to win that seat in Congress and probably, someday, become a Senator from her state.  How did Joe the Plumber become the republican candidate?  HOW in the world did anyone take him seriously as a candidate?  oh well, at least HE insures that the seat will be won by Progressive Congresswoman Kaptur

how joe the plumber made it ???? obama gave him his claim to fame the only thing he will win is a new force cup

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