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What is JVR Recycling Bay area clean up?

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pls see the following which I found on 800notes.com: These folks are obviously not legitimate. They are looking for "free handouts" that they can cash in for money. Lord knows what they do with everything else they get in the process. Probably roadside dumping. They have no qualms about illegaly posting dayglo green flyers on everyone's house in your neighborhood helping to inform the criminal element as to who is home and who is not. Since they won't come out of hiding - their email is bogus too - how about someone forcefully detain one of them and have your local authorities force them to identify themselves. I have tried emailing them but their email is closed. I have tried calling them..mailbox full. I believe them to bogus operation and wish I could see them when they tape their flyers to my home. when you take flyer off, the tape pulls the paint from house. I just paid over $3500 to have my house painted and these jerks messed it up!

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