Justin Timberlake good singer?

Do you think Justin Timberlake is actually an artist/a good singer? 

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I think he's definitely got talent, but I think everything about him is over-hyped because he originated in a boy band and has dated so many other female celebrities.

What comes around goes around.

I think singing and dancing was the field of Justin.  And I prefer him to sing and dance rather than to act, maybe I just find him better in his singing career than to act in a movie or a

TV Shows.
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Yes J.T. is an artist. It dosnt matter where he originated from or where he worked before he was discovered. So what if he was in a boy band or if he dates female cilebraties. That has nothing to do with his statice as an artist. He is an exellent dancer, he writes above avarage lyrics for his songs, he plays instruments, he owns his own lable, he sings well, he puts on a wounderfull performance onstage, he co-produces some of his music and his "art form" is appreciated and loved by many people. I think that that is enough to credit him as an artist. If you were given a tallent as a gift from God, or you went to class and were trained to sing or dance or if you were programmed to do it, it's still something that you posses and can share. Art is art weather you like it or not. It's his creative expression therefor he is an artist. Is Korn an artist or does he just scream on stage? Is Tori Amos an artist or is she just marketable wierdo? Was Jim Hanson an artist or just a puppet maker, was Julia Childs an artist or an overated cook? Get my drift?Yell

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