Should Justice Scalia resign or be reprimanded for making political comments that only serve to make the court less credible as a governing body?

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Justice Scalia must resign  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Ever hear of the 1st Ammendment?  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  

Scalia-Cheney Trip Raises Eyebrows  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- snip ----------  Vice President Dick Cheney and Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia spent part of last week duck hunting together at a private camp in southern Louisiana, just three weeks after the court agreed to take up the vice president's appeal in lawsuits over his handling of the administration's energy task force, the Los Angeles Times says in its Saturday editions.

1 amendment? Isn't Scalia supposed to be an 'impartial judge' of each case? i thought that's what the court was all about. Not about being an arm of a political party.

Impartial doesn't mean one is without opinion, that's what they're paid for!! Feedom of speech is alloted to every American even those who wear black robes!!

In a disordered mind, as in a disordered body, soundness of health is impossible. ~Cicero

Opinions are like Aholes everyone has one however in the Justices case they are required due to the nature of their jobs to keep theirs clean at all times.

Any comment that puts our Constitution in a bad light is cause for alarm being as this is what the Justices are required to uphold. 

If they do not like the job they can resign.

Lady Darko

Lady Darko

Any time there is a decision where the two parties disagree, you could call it political.  But it is his job to make a decision and explain his reasoning.

Here is Scalia's statement.

“Arizona bears the brunt of the country’s illegal immigration problem.  Its citizens feel themselves under siege by large numbers of illegal immigrants who invade their property, strain their social services, and even place their lives in jeopardy. Federal officials have been unable to remedy the problem, and indeed have recently shown that they are simply unwilling to do so.

“Arizona has moved to protect its sovereignty — not in contradiction of federal law, but in complete compliance with it.”

So far, Obama has violated every provision of States' Rights hence we see how little that Kenyan bum knows about America.

What a pity that Harvard says they never accepted Obama, much less graduated him JD.  Once again we see that all Democrats lie.

To be born free is a gift. To live free is a privilege. To die free is our duty.

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