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The jury did NOT follow Judges instructions!

My husband was diagnosed with Major Depressive disorder at Rahway hospital NJ. He was left alone after 3 almost consecutive visits, and was awaiting transport by ambulance to Newark Beth Israel for 24/7 observation. He found his way to the roof and jumped to his death. Now the jury found the hospital negligent, but NOT responsible. How can this be??? so the jury was instructed NOT to use my husbands actions against him, BUT That is EXACTLEY what they did!!!  They DID NOT FOLLOW THE JUDGES INSTRUCTIONS!!! and after appellete court denined us a re-trial, and even the Supreme court dismissed the case? This is SOOO wrong! MISJUSTICE to the MAX!  HOW CAN WE CHALLENGE THE SUPREME COURT???  check out the case "estate of Frederick Hetmanski v Rahway hospital"please, please, help our family.

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I hope you aren't pinning all your hopes on AOL helping you.

You need a good attorney.

Try and find the best appellate attorney out there. It doesn't look good.

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