Are Juice Cleanses Safe?

Have YOU ever tried a cleanse?

Are Juice Cleanses Safe?Alamy

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Yes I have and I do and it definately makes a difference in how you feel in short time.

We are filled with toxins and we continue to bloat our guts with food daily not thinking, most of us, what it is we are eating.  This is not to say some junk food now and again will kill you but a steady diet of eating out will.

Juicing has been around since the beginning of medicine and is spoken of in the first books on medicine from Rome to China and everywhere inbetween.

In 1936 the Senate of the U.S. made a statement that people in America where not getting the things they needed to remain healthy and that the products they recieved from eating fruits and veggies far outweighed even protein and carbs and vitamins.  They said a person would need to eat 5 pounds of veggies and fruits a day to get what they needed.

Juicing does the trick with just one or two glasses a day.  The basic ingredients that are most applauded are celery, carrots and parsely.  Add to that grapes, red cabbage, fruits of your choice to sweeten it and it is wonderful.  Goes down easy.  I juice daily.

Fasting needs to be under supervision of your doctor or advice from your nutritionist.  It is not to be played with and has adverse effects if not done correctly and ended correctly.  A three day fast is usually best and it is good to fast monthly. 

Many books on the subject and behooves you to read them.  Within a couple of weeks of daily juicing you will see weight loss, cellulite loss, changes in your energy, hair, skin, teeth and nails.  Bleeding gums will become less to nada eventually, cravings for alcohol and liquer will subside, allergies will be lessened, bloating will be gone, constipation will be a thing of the past and oh so much more.

Hopefully you will all try it........................heres' to your health.

Lady Darko

The lines are drawn in the sand, the American people are alive and awake, well most anyway. Kick it and call names, Let the Freedom Ring

Of course they are. I love it.

Never give up

Many people i know do juice cleanses of late, and that they get it on for several reasons. Juicing is an impressive thanks to get all of your nutrients, vitamins and minerals while not all the change of state. after you drink recent juice it goes into the body and may assimilate a lot of faster, that successively offers you additional energy and feeds your cells specifically what they have so as to perform optimally. At identical time, the juice helps the body eliminate toxins in an exceedingly very economical manner. after you flush with juice, you offer your system a break—kind of a mini-vacation.

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