Discuss Jack Parbhu's answer to: Judgements establishing large scale FRAUD of H LAL & Associates, Hasmukh and Patricia LAL

What s your opininion of Hasmukh and Patricia LAL debt-laundry judgments? HINT: H LAL & ASS - liquidated 16 December owing $several Millions to many vulnerable victims, children and elderly ...

Please note that this a written by Jenny (Jaswanti Patel) as her children were taken away from her by the welfare as she could not look after the kids and use  to leave them home and go out drinking and working as a hooker.  Please keep away from this women as you will lose every think as she is will clean your bank account and bankrupt you. She was from Fiji Lautoka and she had been working as a hooker there.  She use to stay in YWCA in Suva FIJI and also was working as a hooker to make money.  She has few houses and made money by robbing people.

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