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HuffPost has obtained exclusive video of the arrest of Josh Fox. Rep. Brad Miller (D-N.C.), the ranking Democrat on the subcommittee, can be heard at the end of the clip asking Republican Chairman ...

With Tadpole sending out 50 emails a day demanding that we murder Fox news reporters in cold blood, then that explains why only bigots side with Tadpole and Hitler.

If you think Obama's program is working, ask someone who isn't.
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rocmike get help. you are insane no matter what alias you post under.

snowskimountain Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Is that moron still at it?  Lord, why does AOLA put up with that slug?


rocmike you created this alias jan. 17, 2012. so how can you claim to sat is this moron still at it?

Anonymous II

You don't know who I am, but I know who you are Tadpole.


idiot you moron. all of your aliases call me tadpole. i am willing to be you are ap who is also rocmike and many others. it doesnt matter what you call yourself you are the insane poster that spend every waking minute blogging and does under numerous posting names. i also believe you are low income, if not totally on government assistance, handicapped, that explains why you spend every waking minute blogging. it has also left you bitter and hate driven. i believe you are probably in a mental home or under some kind of care. so i do know who you are. 


rocmike all of your aliases claim i send you e-mails and i have sent none. so again it doesnt matter what you call yourself you are the 1 insane poster that continually makes a fool of itself by repeating the same crap over and over under many aliases and the 1 everyone laughs at. the one that when its not repeating its insane thoughts over and over then turns to coy and paste. blogging is all you have. you have no friends because you are a social outcast avoided in society. i also believe ap is dawg.


rocmike your alias snowmountain who you just created jan 17, 2012 made the statement fool. 

Leagle Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Three extremely angry posts without an intervening comment, all by dfrogpong, none of any merit, and all utterly irrational.  In many ways, she contradicts herself because she is so upset over having been discovered for her true character.


Is it any wonder that people look at your comments, realize that Democrats all feel the way you do, and then oppose the Democrats by all ethical means?


You have certainly made that case clear to all who read your angry and irrelevant posts.

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