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Where can I find Johnson Jubilee Wax? I cannot find it anywhere around here.

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They have anticipated your problem and started a mail order website.



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I have used J&J Jubilee appliance polish for years because it makes stove clean up so much faster and easier and also keeps the outside finishes of appliances looking like new.  Due to my supply of the product in bottles dwindling I went on a quest to find a product that would work just as well and is still being sold and not phased out.   Goddards Applicance Polish/cleaner does a comparable job and it also cleans and polishes plastic lamanent counter tops very nicely too.

Please let me know how to find this product - Jubilee Appliance polish.  I have not been able to find this anywhere.  Please let me know if anyone knows where I can purchase Jubilee.

Please let me know how to find this product - Jubilee Appliance polish.  I have not been able to find this anywhere.  Please let me know if anyone knows where I can purchase Jubilee.

You can call SC Johnson at 800-848-2588 M-F 8a - 6p CT and they can get it for you.  They have several products that you can no longer find in the stores.

I don't think you can get Jubilee..however the Vermont Country Store sells a very close replica of the beloved appliance polish..It's called "Old Fashioned Kitchen Wax".. check out their site as they sell alot of the older popular candies and soaps etc... Carol D.. S. Burlington, VT..

I have searched for years for Jubilee appliance wax.  I used to use it all of the time, it is great

Jubilee was great as a cleaner and protected appliances, making cleanups so much easier; however they stopped making it and even their stock supply is now depleted.  J&J suggests their own PLEDGE Protection Plus, but it has a fragrance that I dislike and it doesn't come close. Vermont Country Store sells "Old Fashioned Kitchen Wax"; it is close but watery and expensive in comparison and doesn't do the job as well as Jubilee did.  The greater population is just too lazy to do more than spray and wipe, and they prefer things like Fantastic that take the finish off and do not protect! For those of us who don't mind taking care of our property, we're out of luck it appears.

I also have been looking for Johnson's Jubilee Kitchen Wax and can not find it. I love it and my last can is so old it won't spray anymore. I am going to try and open the can and maybe pour it out. Why do they take superior products and discontinue them? It kept all appliances looking new and protected them.YellCry  WE WANT THIS PRODUCT BACK.....

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